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We've got a collection of questions about 'Dr.Friend' and 'SleepPad'.

If you have any other questions, please use "Q&A" or send an e-mail to "dr.friend@worldhomedr.com".

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Dr.Friend is a sleep care functional bedding brand that combines ergonomic features with premium materials.

Once purchased, you will have a high level of satisfaction.

Considering the characteristics of bedding, which is in close contact with my body, this product was born after a long period of continuous research and development to realize the safest and most stable sleeping environment for long-term use.

Dr. Friend Grounding Mat is a Class 2 medical device in Korea and has a muscle pain relief function.

Before use, please refer to the instructional brochure enclosed with the product, and those who are receiving treatment from a doctor should consult with a doctor before use.

Grounding (Earthing) is a human body potential control function that blocks electromagnetic waves generated from smartphones, computers, and electric pads and relieves excessive positive charges accumulated during the day.

It plays a role in creating the basis for normal cell activity by maintaining the balance of positive and negative charges, which are the basic components of cells that are emphasized in the electrophysiological aspect.

Dr.Friend Sleep Care Set is a set product consisting of a grounding mat and an eco-friendly functional duvet.

In particular, the grounding mat is a medical magnetic generator certified for muscle pain relief by the Korea Institute of Medical Device Safety Information.

The main body of the magnetic generator and the grounding line, which includes a permanent magnet, have a function to increase the magnetic field of the permanent magnet up to 600 Gauss.

The G-Plug is a next-generation sleep care device that connects to the grounding mat and helps with the function of grounding the human body.

It is designed to function only at the grounding terminal of the outlet, so no electricity exchange occurs even when the plug is plugged in, and only the grounding function is installed, so you can use it safely from harmful factors such as electromagnetic waves.

The material of the Dr.Friend bedding set contains only natural premium functional materials to give the human body the most comfortable feeling.

Jacquard fabric, which is often used in signature jackets of luxury brands, enhances the soft and luxurious touch, and wool fiber and ceramic circle material fabrics are used to enhance the warmth effect.

Charcoal fabric with high concentration of minerals and natural copper fabric with antibacterial function are used to enhance human affinity. In addition, eco-friendliness is enhanced by using natural modal fibers and high-density anti-allergy fibers.

You can use the grounding mat more comfortably if you disinfect it in sunlight about once a month. Also, since it is difficult to separate and wash, it is recommended to use it with a slip pad.

Sleep pad and duvet products are recommended to be washed separately at a low temperature of 40 degrees Celsius or less. In addition, it is recommended to wash in a wool course using general detergent or neutral detergent, and drying in half shade rather than machine drying is better for maintaining the quality of the product for a long time.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us through the 'Q&A menu' on our website or send an e-mail to 'dr.friend@worldhomedr.com' and we will respond as soon as possible.

There are king, double, and single sizes of Dr.Friend set products, and please check the 'Product page' of the corresponding 'Brand menu' for detailed sizes.